Walk the Walk of Love Through Philanthropy

Grace Schroeder and Doug Scott

Grace Schroeder Scott and Doug Scott are ensuring educational opportunities for future Cyclones.

For Grace Schroeder Scott and Doug Scott, the choice to include Iowa State University in their estate plans was an intentional and thoughtful one. The couple said their experiences with the university have always been positive, and they appreciate the excellent stewardship shown by Iowa State. Grace received a Master of Education degree in home economics education from Iowa State in 1982.

Both Grace and Doug have worked for most of their careers in higher education, so they know firsthand the significance of a college education. For more than 35 years, Grace enjoyed being on staff at St. Olaf College as a senior development officer in planned giving. In 2019, she transitioned to a new opportunity, working as a senior development consultant as the founder and president of Live to Give, LLC. After serving as director of leadership gifts at Augsburg University in Minneapolis for the last 12 years of his career in the field of philanthropy, Doug also transitioned to a new path in 2019, forming and serving as president of HeartWise Generosity, LLC. These companies offer development consulting services to small nonprofit organizations.

"Doug and I believe in the value of higher education and view education as a path to vocational discernment, opening doors to exciting and fulfilling careers, and equipping and preparing students for life and livelihood," Grace said. "We feel that Iowa State is worthy of our support."

Their giving to the university has been primarily for graduate students, including through the Schroeder Scott Family Endowed Scholarship they established in the department of food science and human nutrition. As they consider their legacy giving, they're open to supporting Iowa State undergraduates as well.

Grace and Doug are inspired to respond to the mission of Iowa State by providing endowment support for student financial aid. They want to help qualified students with the greatest demonstrated financial need.

"We believe higher education should be available and accessible to all who are interested, capable and ready to handle that next step, not limited only to those who might be able to afford it," Grace said.

For every aspect of their charitable giving, the couple added, "We believe that everyone is deserving of respect, care and encouragement to grow. That influences us in our giving and the direction we are looking to take in the future."

Grace also shared that she and Doug share a personal mission related to philanthropy: Live to Give. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace and Doug have become more mindful than ever of what it means to be part of the global community. Grace said, "The pandemic has caused us to slow down, read and study, listen, pay closer attention, reflect, pray and join with others in generously supporting the causes and missions that are dear to us."

Throughout the past few months, Grace, who loves creative writing, has also been writing poems, one of which is a haiku that suggests ways to cope and grow during the pandemic. One verse especially helps to sum up Grace and Doug as philanthropists: "Discover neighbors / Let them know you care for them / Walk the walk of love."

Haikus for Positive Action — Ways to Cope and Grow During the Pandemic

Grace Schroeder Scott
© 2020

Take a walk — refresh…
To nourish your heart and soul.
Happy feet tap dance!

Discover neighbors;
Let them know you care for them.
Walk the walk of love.

How can we welcome friends in?
Open our heart doors!

Bake a cherry pie;
Share it with someone you love.
Friendship is yummy!

Send a thank you note
To let someone know you care.
Gratitude travels.

Awaken your muse;
Stir your creativity.
Release and let go!

Bring daydreams to life;
Let poetic music flow.
Butterflies arise!

Be a peacemaker
Rather than a pacemaker.
Contribute "good news!"

Give encouragement;
Wave, offer a compliment.
Your smile speaks volumes!

April 6, 2020

What is your passion at Iowa State? Are you interested in supporting a specific department or area of study? Or maybe you simply have a tried and true love for the Cardinal and Gold. If so, we would love to talk with you about helping your charitable goals at Iowa State. Contact the office of gift planning at giftplanning@foundation.iastate.edu or 800.621.8515, to see how.