Growing With Giving

Chappells Like any good Iowa farm boy, Gene Chappell grew up with values such as lending a helping hand and working to better the community.

"I lived right by a curve in the road. I remember spending a lot of time at that corner helping those who jumped the curve, got stuck in the snow, or needed any kind of assistance," he said. "I'd always feel better after helping someone. I'd return to the house and say, ‘Well, I've done my good deed for today.'"

Even now, Chappell, and his wife, Beth, continue to fulfill their good duty for the day quota. For the past 18 years, the Chappells have stocked up on oranges, grapefruits and orange juice to bring to family and friends. "We always freeze about 18 gallons of orange juice but end up keeping only four gallons for ourselves," said Chappell.

It's no surprise their attitude of giving extends to their relationship with Iowa State University.

Chappell's first experience with Iowa State was in 1942. Bankers Life Company of Iowa, now Principal Financial Group, sponsored a six-week summer course at Iowa State University for a 4-H delegate from every county in the state – all expenses paid. Chappell, the lucky representative from Adams County, finished the course with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for Iowa State. "I looked forward to returning to Iowa State after I finished my years in the service," said Chappell.

As a full-time student, Chappell made great use of his experience at Iowa State, simply stating, "I have a lot of good memories." He was the secretary of the Agriculture Economics Club and served on the Ag Econ VEISHEA committee. "I remember staying up all night to get a good spot in the parade."

Those good memories led to a desire to give back. The Chappells started giving to Iowa State in the 1970s and continued through the years with consistent and modest gifts. When it came time to evaluate their financial plan for the future, they knew exactly where to turn.

Chappell wanted to find a way to give back that mattered personally to him while also helping others. When looking into gift vehicles, it became apparent that in order to leave a legacy and stay financially savvy, their best option was the charitable gift annuity.

"There are great things about this gift structure, but the best part is obviously the income!" he said. "The process of establishing a planned gift was very simple. Plus, we already had contacts with the university through our previous giving experiences."

With their CGA in place, Chappell truly completes the circle of giving that has always been such an important factor in his life. The remainder of the couple's gift annuity will support the 4-H program through Iowa State University Extension – paying homage to the generous donation that got Chappell to Iowa State in the first place.

Seeing Is Believing

To see how you can benefit from a charitable gift annuity, visit our website to calculate your benefits today. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at 800.621.8515 or to learn more about ways to extend your impact at Iowa State.