Meet Our Donors

More Than They Thought Possible

Lloyd and Kathryn Bettis

Iowa State alumni couple’s farmland donation protects their future and sustains Cyclones. More

Belief in Iowa State Leads to Lifelong Passion for Giving Back

Becky Stadlman

Generous Cyclone couple’s gratitude inspires legacy of giving. More

All in the Family

Kiester Family

A decades-long legacy of Cyclone pride led Chuck and Mary Kiester to create a new kind of legacy: a gift in their estate plan to support the educators that make Iowa State one of the best schools in the nation. More

Evie and Deland Myers Help Keep Students on Track to Succeed

Evie and Deland Myers

Evie and Deland Myers' Iowa State legacy will support future students of color as they work toward achieving their academic dreams. More

Affinity for Cyclone Athletics Kicks Off Student Success

Terry and Sherry Voy

A chance to play college football changed the life of Terry Voy. Now, he and his wife are giving back to help Iowa State student-athletes today and in the future. More

Loss Leads to a Plan

Allison Hite Sheridan

Losing their parents led Allison Hite Sheridan and her husband, Chris Conklin, to revisit their own estate plan – and consider the legacy they wanted to leave at places that matter most, like Iowa State. More

Rock Solid Support for Students

Mike Kozimko

Mike Kozimko is grateful that Iowa State took a chance on him in 1972 when he applied for grad school. He credits his career to the education he received here. Now, he and his wife are paying it forward with gifts to help students in need. More

A Change Agent

Judy Winkelpleck

Judy Winkelpleck has always been interested in making things better, whether it was fixing farm equipment as a girl or introducing new ideas to organizations she was a part of. See how this change agent is continuing to create a better world through her giving. More

Circuitous and Fortuitous

Lorraine Hoffman

Dr. Lorraine Hoffman received sage career advice early in life. She was completing her bachelor's degree in biology from a small, private Iowa college, where she was the only female pre-med student in her class. In the fall of 1964, she applied to medical school, but few women were accepted into medical school at the time and she learned that she was not chosen. More

Walk the Walk of Love Through Philanthropy

Grace Schroeder and Doug Scott

Grace Schroeder Scott and Doug Scott believe higher education should be available and accessible to all who are interested, capable and ready to handle that next step, not limited only to those who might be able to afford it. More

A Bright Star for Women in Science

Mary Alice Epperly

Mary Alice Epperly's provides inspiration for women in STEM fields. Now she's paving the way for young women by creating a scholarship offered through the Women in Science and Engineering program at Iowa State. More

Engineer's Gift Helps Build Community Resilience Program at Iowa State

Vilas Mujumdar

A foundation of charity learned as a child inspired a gift to help communities bounce back from disasters. More

Family's Deep Iowa State Roots Yield New Opportunities for Students

Charlie Persinger

Charlie Persinger was taught early on that he had a responsibility to give. See how he is leaving a legacy for future Iowa State leaders. More

The Art and Heart of Giving

Tim and Randy Arand-McIlrath

Tim and Randy Arand-McIlrath's heartfelt gift puts the legacy of craft arts and design in the hands of today's art students. More

Encouraging the Stars

Leverne Seversike

In the classroom and through scholarship support, Leverne Seversike has been igniting students' passions and careers for more than 30 years. More

Lyon Hall and a Legacy

Gretchen Backlund

Gretchen Backlund didn’t start attending Iowa State the way most students did in the 1940s. Gretchen was a transfer student. More

Memory of Soldier Sparks Giving

Donald Sparks

"I want future generations to walk through the Gold Star Hall and think of him. If they see his name on the wall and they have the scholarship in his name, his legacy will live on," said Cathie Betts Fowler. More

Chemistry, Charity and the Best Choice

Dr. Diana Nevins

Dr. Diana Nevins admits enrolling at Iowa State University was not her first choice. Decades later, she credits the University for an outstanding education and is ensuring future scientists receive one as well. More

A Short Love Story

Gary and Harriet Short

Gary and Harriet Short found true love at Iowa State — for each other and their professions. Now the couple is enabling promising students to pursue what they love with support from the Gary F. Short and Harriet Mason Short Scholarship. More

The Simple Equation of Giving

Cara Heiden

Cara Heiden excelled at math as a young student growing up in Denison, Iowa, but her choice to study accounting at Iowa State University was not a calculated move. More

Passing It Forward

Anne Shaner

Anne Shaner knows a thing or two about baking cherry pies (several thousand of them, in fact). Now Shaner is enjoying a new kind of sweetness: giving to Iowa State students. More

For the Love of Discovery

John L. Cleasby

One lesson John (Jack) L. Cleasby learned in his years of teaching is that given enough support, graduate students can be one of the most valuable resources for innovation in a field. More

Allen Housh

Allen Housh

Allen Housh was prepared to spend his life as a high school agricultural vocational teacher. It was natural for him to prepare for a career in agriculture. The Garner, Iowa, native had been around the livestock business his entire life, and he went to Iowa State specifically to major in agricultural education. More

True Spirit: Supporting Cyclones Today and Tomorrow

Jim Victor

Like many Iowa State alumni, Jim Victor has no shortage of Cyclone pride. "My experience at Iowa State truly changed my world — it enlightened me, it inspired me and it empowered me," he said. More

Rich and Carm Greenlee

Rich and Carm Greenlee

Like many couples who met at Iowa State, Rich and Carm Greenlee have great memories of their college days. They shared a group of close-knit friends, and are still in touch with many of them. More

Ron and Marla Franklin

Ron and Marla Franklin

A backyard conversation with their neighbor and attorney was all it took for Des Moines-area residents Ron and Marla Franklin to finally sit down and work on their estate plans. More

A Legacy in Action

Cornwell family

At least once each year, LeRoy Cornwell, a farmer from Ankeny, Iowa, visits Iowa State University to talk with scholarship recipients, not unlike a typical scholarship donor. Except he wasn't the one who funded the scholarship. More

Legacy Extended

James N. Warner

"My only memories of Iowa State University are from when I lived near campus as a child," said Sue Birkinshaw. "Our family lived in Pammel Court at the time. I remember taking art classes near the university and walking around campus. It was a good year." More

Growing With Giving

Gene and Beth Chappell

Like any good Iowa farm boy, Gene Chappell grew up with values such as lending a helping hand and working to better the community. More

The Driving Force of Education

Gene and Beth Chappell

Education has always been at the forefront of what drives Gerry Montgomery. Always willing to tackle the next challenge, he believes in equipping others to do the same. More

A Campus Legend Helps the Next Generation

Robert Parks

My favorite memory of Iowa State is when Robert Parks, the university president, invited me to his office to offer me the director of residence position," said Chuck Frederiksen. "He asked me, 'Are you up for it? You're pretty young — can you hang in there?' And I responded, 'You better believe it!'" More

Transforming Ideas Into Opportunities

Richard and Sharon Rodine

You can never underestimate where sharing an idea might lead," said Sharon Rodine. Working in Washington, D.C., to recruit and train women for public office, it was after traveling to an event in Tennessee that she fully realized the impact of Carrie Chapman Catt, another Iowa State alumna. More

A Student Changed Forever

James Gibson

It's a strong pull that can incite a cross-country move — especially if you're trading in the California sun for the harsher climate of Ames, Iowa. More