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You want to extend your impact at Iowa State University. You also want the flexibility to change your plans in the event that life circumstances change. You can do both.

In as little as one sentence, you can include a gift to Iowa State in your will or living trust. This type of donation will help change the lives of future generations of Iowa State students for years to come.

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The Power of a Plan

FranklinsA backyard conversation with a neighbor and attorney reminded Ron and Marla Franklin that they needed to complete their will. Completing the estate planning process helped them reflect on the things important to them, and Iowa State jumped to the forefront of that list. They found out just how easy it can be to include bequest language for a percentage of their estate, a specific dollar amount or a residual amount to the Iowa State University Foundation in their will.

Ron and Marla both graduated from Iowa State in 1968 and received scholarship assistance. They want to make sure future students receive the advantages Iowa State gave them, and left their gift unrestricted so that the university could use the gift in the area of greatest need. As Ron says, "It was important to us to continue to support the university so even more can be done."

"We were fortunate to gain some advantages that an Iowa State degree gives people," Marla says. "It just seemed appropriate to give back to that legacy. It's something we both feel good about." Read More

Next Steps

  1. Contact the office of gift planning at 800.621.8515 or giftplanning@foundation.iastate.edu for additional information on bequests or to chat more about the different options for including Iowa State in your will or estate plan.
  2. Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor.
  3. If you include Iowa State in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: The Iowa State University Foundation
Address: 2505 University Boulevard, P.O. Box 2230, Ames, IA 50010-2230
Federal Tax ID Number: 42-1143702